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me irl

Hi, welcome to my website! Things may look a little wonky here and there, but I'm doing my best! How about a cup of tea?

anime gif of pouring a cup of tea with a kettle

Feel free to have a look around, maybe even stop by the guestbook (it lets me know people actually see my site). If you're looking to build your own personal website and need help, stop by the Resources page. Looking for other cool sites? Peep the Internet Neighbours section! If you're a collector, the Stamps page might interest you. Check out the Scrapbook for a dive into nostalgia! You can find all important links on the sidebar.

anime gif of a cup of tea being stirred

There is more to come! More cats, scrapbooks, other collections? Who knows!

Oh, that's Socks in the upper left, by the way. If you click her she will chase the mouse!

My discord is zj#1245 if you want to talk or have a question about the site or code!

zj's pingu button (pixel art of pingu's head facing toward viewer, wearing his cozy hat ← if u link my button on ur page i'll link u back and also love u forever

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